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Obesity and gout diet pdf is all about two diseased conditions absolutely dependent upon improper diet and insufficient exercise. They are obesity and gout ; and as the two so often run concurrently, I have considered it advisable in this edition to give a chapter upon the dietetic treatment of gout.

Gout an obesity and gout diet pdf

Gout may be inherited or induced, but in either case, if the person suffering from this painful and troublesome ailment, in its different forms, is properly guided with regard to food in its relation to exercise, occupation, mode of life, and other circumstances peculiar to the individual, it is within the reach of absolute cure.

Gout treatment

During many years I have had occasion to advise thousands for this ailment. In most of these cases they were complicated with obesity, but in many they were not.

As will be shown in this section, the treatment of gout in the obese and the treatment of gout in the ordinary individual are absolutely distinct. The history of Obesity and gout diet pdf dates back to the thirteenth century, and the disease takes its name from the French word goutte, a drop, because it was believed in ancient times to arise from a humour which fell goutte a goutte into the joints.

The affection is known in almost every country by some name or other among races of epicurean tastes. It seldom attacks its victim before the age of thirty-five.

Gout hereditary

The poor rarely suffer from gout, so that Nature compensates them in this way for their hard lot in others, Though gout is, as a rule, a hereditary form of disease. Nevertheless, it may be brought on by a luxurious mode of life and idleness, coupled with indulgence in the pleasures of the table, and in sweet alcoholic liquids, in those who would otherwise pass through a long life with freedom from attack.
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