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Do you schedule a yearly physical exam with your physician? Using these 1000 muscle development exercise ebooks. You must have a full physical examination if you are or if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you are over 30 years old. There are no exceptions. If you meet any of the above requirements, schedule an examination.

Physician approval

2. Have you been given your physician’s approval to begin a lifestyle program? You must have your physician’s approval to begin an exercise program in this 1000 muscle development exercise ebooks. It is essential that you have your physician’s clearance and encouragement prior to starting this manual.

3. Do you have any injuries or medical conditions that would prevent you from performing any type of exercise? Don’t rush in to exercise. Talk to your doctor. Your doctor understands your health and physical capacity better than you.

Lifestyle review

4. Discuss the results of this lifestyle review with your physician before you begin an exercise program. Create a partnership with your doctor. Make your doctor part of your 1000 muscle development exercise ebooks and health-building team. With good communication and professional instruction, you chances of success will be much greater.

Fitness program

5. Social support can be the #1 factor for success in fitness programs. While the support can come from your spouse, brother or sister, child, mom or dad, friend, neighbor, or co-worker, it’s a proven fact that individuals have a greater chance of sticking to an exercise program when they have to be accountable someone like a
personal trainer or lifestyle coach. Don’t try and do this on your own. Social support is important in your quest for better health, fitness and fat loss.

Calories in food

6. Do you keep a nutrition log? If not, start doing so! Record your nutrition for free on 7. Exercise is the third most important factor. Arrange to have a Fitness Assessment with a certified personal trainer or certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). This will help identify your physical limitations and exercise capacity. It will also help the trainer individualize the program for your training needs.


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