30 days fat loss workout




Workout Guidelines

•There is Strength train 4 days per week in this 30 days fat loss workout. Perform Workout A, B, C, and D once each week.
• Do intervals 2-3 times per week. You may do them on strength days or on off days.
• You can train back-to-back days, but don’t train 3 days in a row.
• Rest 1 minute between exercises in the Superset. Rest 2 minutes before moving on to
the next Superset.
• Don’t train to failure. You should be able to do 1 more rep at the end of each set.
• Use the lifting tempo designated in the chart for each specific exercise.
• Never skip a warm-up. For a warm-up, perform this circuit 2x’s using a 2-0-1 tempo:

o 10 reps for any leg exercise (bodyweight lunge, squat, step-up, or OH Squat)
o 10 reps or 30 seconds for any Core exercise.
o 10 reps of any pushing exercise.
o 10 reps of any pulling exercise.
• For a specific warm-up, perform 2 sets of each exercise in the first set of this 30 days fat loss workout. Start with 50%
and then 75% of your “real set” weight. Perform 8 repetitions for each warm-up set.

• If you are limited by time, reduce the number of sets in the workout, but always
perform the regular warm-up.
• Finish each workout with intervals & static stretching.
• After every 8-12 weeks, take one week off from hard training for recovery purposes.
During the recovery week, you may perform light, low-intensity workouts.

Turbulence Training Interval Guidelines – Advanced
Interval Workout A
• Warm-up for 5 minutes getting progressively more intense with time.
• Perform an interval by exercising for 30 seconds at a very hard pace (at a subjective
9/10 level of effort).
• Follow that with “active rest” for 90 seconds by exercising at a slow pace (at a
subjective 3/10 level of effort).
• Repeat for a total of 6 intervals.
• Finish with 5 minutes of very low intensity (3/10) exercise for a cool-down
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