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In this healthy diet foods videos you will learn how healthy eating is important for a lot of reasons, there is even aphrase for the way many Americans eat, that is called the SAD diet
Processed food are part of the SAD diet. processed foods are massed produced and make a huge profit because of their convenience.

However, there are many ways that eating healthy is important and good reasons to avoid processed foods and the standard American diet Another reason to eat healthy is because you can make yourself prone to diseases by eating unhealthy foods and by staying on a standard American diet that is full of fat and sugar


Type 1 diabetes is ultimately something that can be maintained and controlled with proper eating habits and triggered by poor eating habits. Other diseases can result from poor eating as well, you may find yourself suffering from poor bone healyh,hypertension, or even heart problem

You will learn how to eat health ,what foods are healthy, how to avoid the sad diet all these and many more you learn in this healthy diet foods videos


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