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This website, Tablet website design already has products which are iPad tablets like Samsung, velocity micro tablet sonic tablet apple ipad asus tablets and many more all you need do is to register as an amazon associate and you will be given an id which you put on your products id and you are good to go we also have ad sense ads on the site you can earn money from the ads displayed by google on this website . Register with google ad sense and replace the google id with your own.If you don’t know how to do it i will help you replace your ids and et your site to your domain name and server.

After getting this tablet website design then you must know how to promote it to start earning The first method to promoting it is Affordable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising If you’re familiar with PPC advertising, then you might initially think – Google, Yahoo, MSN and (the big 4). However, that’s also where you pay the most per click.

There are also second-tier search engines that offer cheaper PPC. You might get less
traffic per keyword, but since you’re going to go wild with tons of cheap keywords, you
will get a ton of traffic inexpensively.

I recommend registering as an Advertiser with all of the following 9 search engines. Then
simply do a Cost Per Click Cap at 15¢ per keyword and you’ll never pay over 15¢. In many cases, you’ll pay only 5¢ per click. And that, my friend, is fantastic!

You generate traffic through these search engines and you begin to earn big time. I will help you set up this website all you need is to buy a domain name for $10 and a hosting server for another $24 per year. I will transfer the tablet website to your server.


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