Diet for different diseases




The first step in Diet for different diseases is the treatment of urticaria is to secure free evacuation of the bowels. For this purpose an active saline, such as sulphate of magnesia, should be given. Following this, the diet should be very simple until the urticaria has disappeared.

Milk diet

Preferably a milk diet should be given in Diet for different diseases, lime-water or an effer- vescing water being added to the milk if necessary ; if there is indigestion, the milk may be peptonized. When there is a diminution in the quantity of urine excreted, alkaline diuretics may be prescribed or Vichy water may be drunk freely.

Diet in diseases

In many individuals the attacks are brought on by certain articles of diet. What these are may generally be determined by careful observation. Oysters, crabs, and other shellfish are a frequent cause. These and other articles of diet, if they are 568 DIET IN DISEASE. not fresh or are beginning to spoil, are also frequently responsible for this disturbance.

Orrticaria a Diet for different diseases

Strawberries produce a red rash of an “”Crrticarial nature in many persons. When the offending article has been discovered, it should be eliminated from the dietary.
ACNE. In certain persons acne may be overcome by careful dieting. In some, special articles of diet, such as buckwheat cakes and other fried foods, greasy doughnuts, rich pies and cakes, and, in fact, almost any indigestible article of diet, have been held re- sponsible for the disease.

In giving directions regarding the Diet for different diseases it is well to prohibit all indigestible foods, such as those just mentioned, and to prescribe a substantial varied diet of fresh food of the more easily digestible kinds.

in advanced kidney disease, and in rheumatic and gouty diseases. This treatment has been recommended for effusions in the serous cavities and joints, in obesity, and in gastric dilatation.Forced or excessive feeding is utilized with benefit in certain diseased conditions with certain limitations (see Tuberculosis, the Eest Cure, and Diseases of the Stomach)

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