Manhood foreskin restoration




Several causes

To begin the manhood foreskin restoration lets go to the causes of it, the causes are many and diverse.
The most prominent are:

  • Gonorrhoea or Gleet_, running backward and settling in the gland or
    neck of the bladder;
  • Stricture_, deep in the canal, causing congestion and inflammation;
  • Masturbation_, by keeping the gland excited, congested and irritated,
  • often causes it;

  • Exposure to cold and wet_, especially sitting on a cold door-step or
  • damp seat;

  • Blows and Injuries_ of any kind;
  • Strong Injections_, and rough jabbing with steel sounds or rough
  • bougies;

  • Eating Hot Condiments_, or too free indulgence in alcoholic beverages


If the inflammation extends to the neck of the +bladder+, he has an
attack of +cystitis+. and this is one thing to look out for in manhood foreskin restoration If it goes down along the seminal ducts, it produces +swelled testicle+, +clogged duct+, +chronic enlargement+,
+cancer+, +cysts+ and hopeless wasting of the +testicles+. If it extendsup the +ureters+, it causes +Bright’s Disease+, +abscess+ of the +kidneys+, or +lumbar fistula+. If it runs forward along the urine
canal, it produces so-called +gleet+. If it settles in the +prostate gland+ and becomes chronic, it may cause +abscess of the gland+, +retention of the urine+, and certainly either or both +Spermatozoa+
or +Impotency+.

It may thus be seen how exceedingly dangerous a disease this +Prostatitis+ is, and how very important it becomes to check it at the earliest possible moment.

SYMPTOMS for manhood foreskin restoration.

–We have space for but the most prominent and frequent ones:a +dull, aching, dragging+ or +throbbing pain+ between the legs, made worse by +standing, walking, jolting+, &c., and sometimes relieved by
hard pressure, or lying down with one’s feet higher than their head; pain, burning or smarting on passing urine; +twisting+ of the stream;

the oozing of a thin, glairy fluid; +sticking+ together of the lips of the mouth of the urinal canal; +soreness, aching or tenderness+ of one or both +testicles+; dull pain or ache in +the small of the back+ or
+buttocks+; +dizziness, sudden fits of exhaustion, convulsions, coma and death+.

A +microscopical examination+ of the urine will reveal the nature of the difficulty in a moment. There also will be found evidences of great +nervous wear and tear, and seminal losses+, more or less constant.
The above are some of the complications you encounter to know the manhood foreskin restoration. You will learn how to treat it in this ebook


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