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Why Our Diet Is Lacking

juicing recipes for nutrition is an excellent way to counteract our nutritionchallenged Western diet. Processed sugars and flours, unhealthy fats and cholesterol-laden foods have turned our once-healthy bodies into weak shadows of their former selves. Instead of sustaining our health, our modern diet is increasing our vulnerability to diseases and is depleting us of needed energy.

When you add lack of exercise and environmental toxins to the equation, juicing certainly provides a much-needed weapon against today’s lifestyle.Fresh vegetables and fruits can help get our health back on track. They should be the mainstay of our diet, enjoyed in different ways each day. We can all benefit from increasing our intake of fresh produce.

The good news is that Juicing recipes for nutrition provides us with concentrated wholesomeness. We get more health benefits in a glass of juice than we could possibly get by eating an apple or orange. What is not immediately evident is that juicing our produce robs them – and us
– off the fibers we need to stay healthy.Nature intended for us to bite into its rich bounty. Juicing removes
fiber from produce. In effect, it separates all those glorious vitamins and antioxidants from the fiber. And fiber is an important part of a healthy diet and Juicing recipes for nutrition.

The Importance of Fiber in Juicing recipes for nutrition

Nature packages the energy and nutrients in fresh foods with fiber. Fiber plays many important roles in our health:What role does fiber play in our health? Quite an important one, as
it turns out.
1. Fiber removes toxic waste from our colon.
2. It keeps cholesterol from getting into our bloodstream
3. It makes us feel full after eating, thus helping us eat less and
lose weight.
4. It slows down sugar absorption into our bloodstream, a
serious problem for pre-diabetics or diabetics.
5. It improves overall digestive functions.

So, fruits, vegetables and fiber are all a good thing, but juicing
separates them.
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