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Demand for good pictures


You can learn how to earn money from camera per week, know the type of photo to take, who to sell it to and how much each photography cost. How and where to get clients from week to week.Everything you need to know about photography that sells.

The demand of publishers for good pictures is increasing. Editors are eager to use the best photographs that may be obtained. They draw no distinction between the work of the amateur and that of the professional photographer. If a photograph meets their requirements,they buy it and care little whence it comes. The opportunity to sell good pictures has never been better than it is to-day.


To give accurate and helpful information with regard to earn money from camera, a profitable investment is the purpose of this book. Whence come the thousands of photographs used every month by newspapers and magazines?/p>

More than that, whence do the photographs come which are used by makers of calendars, postcards, for advertisements, and for illustrating books, stories and articles?

Professional photographers Earn money from camera

At first thought, the answer is, “From professional photographers and publisher-photo-services.” But professional photographers do not produce one-third of the photographs used, and publisher-photo-services are supplied by that same large number of camerists that supply publications with most of their prints.

No one can deny that the greatest number of prints published are bought from amateur photographers in towns no larger than the average, and sometimes smaller. learn how to completely earn money from camera in a week using this eBook


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