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You need some form of exercise to lose the weight. Exercise is an important component to any weight loss effort if you follow any diet or program without exercise it may work but it will take a longer time to see result.When you happen to check all the other leading dieting and weight loss programs out there you will note a single thread that will govern all these weight loss effort All of these programs and weight loss effort will always include a complete Best Weight loss exercise videos regime. Exercise will definitely help in your effort to lose weight and to maintain the desired weight.
Here are some of the videos you will find in this best weight loss exercise videos

• Cardio exercises
◦ These exercises will deliver the goods but the bad news is that most women tend to do it the wrong way. Remember that when you do this too much, then you risk different forms of injuries. Another mistake is doing the exercises at low intensity and finally some women tend to neglect the other parts of the programs. Other skips the strength training and flexibility just to focus on the cardio. The important key here is to balance the best weight loss exercise videos program.

• Strength training
◦ You don’t need to be afraid of the heavy weights. This kind of training can also help women who want to lose weight and maintain weight.
◦ Strength training is not only suited for men but for women as well.
◦ This kind of training or exercise would help the body tone each muscle parts of the body, thus creating a good shape and contour of the body.

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