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Affiliate marketing tutorial is a 3-step process for earning income. It begins with signing up to sell somone’s online product or service for a fee, then actually going out and advertising that product/service with the intention of generating sales, and finally making those sales to
earn an affiliate commission.

To make things crystal clear, let me give you a real world example of the affiliate process. Meet Bob, an “ace” used car salesman. Bob has applied for a job (for obvious reasons) at Ace Automotive. Ace offers to pay Bob a 30% of the sticker price of every car he sells


This sounds good to Bob, so he agrees. Every time a satisfied Ace customer drives off in an Ace car he’s sold, Bob collects his 30% sales commission. This relationship makes Bob became an “affiliate” of Ace Automotive…

And it’s exactly the same on the Internet of this affiliate marketing tutorial! To enter the lucrative world of Affiliate Marketing online, you sign up to become an affiliate of any person’s program or service in exchange for a commission.

You are paid a commission for each “unit” you sell. But how do you make this concept work for you on the Internet? The Missing Link to Success – Your Affiliate LinkOnce accepted as an affiliate, you’ll receive a special link to use in your advertising called an affiliate link.

The purpose of having an affiliate link is to identify you as the
seller when a sale is made from your link. When you advertise your affiliate link and someone clicks on it, they are taken to the
website where the product or service is sold.

If the consumer makes a purchase, you receive the commission because that person used your affiliate link to access the site. Making the Right Choice – Sorting Out Your Options There are probably over one million different affiliate programs on the Internet and they sell a countless number of different products and services.

Some are good, some are bad, and some are well…probably not something an “ethical” business person wants to get involved with. This means that you should really put some thought into what you want to promote as
an affiliate. It’s also in your best interest to be picky about which affiliate programs you join.

In this affiliate marketing tutorial you learn all about affiliate marketing how you drive traffic to your affiliate product and get your commission.


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